Sunday, March 1, 2009

Payton's 1st Birthday!!

I'm not sure why, but the last few times that I have tried to upload pictures it just keeps saying there is an error. So no pictures, but I was trying to upload pictures from Paytons 1st Birthday party. He turned 1 on January 14. Way late I know, but I promise I've been trying it just hasn't been working. Anyway, we went to a park and had lunch and a huge Pinata. The kids loved it. We acctually combined Jaxon's 2 birthday and Connor's 4th birthday with Payton's 1st birthday. We made a round cake with a big 1 in the middle and made the 1 look like a road with cars on it. It was really fun. I can't believe he is 1 already. He is our little comedian! He and Jared make life worth living. Even if there is a bunch of crap going on, all I have to do is look at my beautiful boys and everything feels better! I love them so much!


Kristenjane said...

I had the picture upload problem awhile ago, I do not know who you are using but I had to switch and started using Mozilla Firefox and I was able to add pictures, Blogger can be such a pain! I totally want to see pictures so hopefully you can figure it out!

Megs said...

Hey Tera wants you to come to her baby shower next Saturday...can I get your address??? She is coming down for the weekend:) YAY!! :) Hope to see you there!! It's been a while!!

The Razz Fam said...

Hey there! Great post, kids are the best! We are going to make our blog private, so if you wouldn't mind leaving your email, that would be awesome! Thanks!!