Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jared turns 4!!

My posts got all mixed up, but here are a few more pictures from the party!

My sweet mother-in-law decorated the table and stairs, so when Jared woke up on his birthday he came down stairs to find this! She is so sweet and kind. Jared love it and felt so special!

Jared turns 4!!

We had a little birthday party at the park the day before his birthday. He had such a great time playing with his cousins and friends. This was his first birthday party that we took invitations and invited friends. He love it. I may have loved it more though!!

Front: Joe, Connor, Tyson, Payton and Jared
Back: Stetson, Cannon, Brianna and Lynnea

How cute is he?!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Around the breakfast table!

Each morning as we eat breakfast, I like to talk to Jared about things such as his dreams and the day before. Well this morning Jared started the conversation by saying,
"Mom did you know we all went to Heaven with Jesus?"
Kelly: You're right we did.
Jared: Even you and Payton lived with Jesus.
Kelly: Yep everyone lived with Jesus.
Jared: He lives far far away like this high. (Stretching his arms as high as they would go)
Jared: And he lives in the Church house.
Kelly: Ya he does!
Jared: But not down here.
Kelly: That is right. Where did you learn all of these wonderful things? In Primary?
Jared: No. In the class. ( Meaning in the classroom, not in the primary room!)
Kelly: I am so glad you are learning these things about Jesus. Does it make you happy to learn about Jesus?
Jared: Ya, I love Jesus!!

I am so grateful that he is learning all these wonderful things. It is just proof that going to church is essential for our childrens progression. They learn so much from being there. I love watching my children learn and grow!