Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009!!

My little Stitch!

My little Tigger!
You just don't get any cuter then that!

Our only Halloween decorations of the year!

Fun at the Park!

We were going to go to a carnival, but when we got there there were so many people we couldn't even get in. So instead we decided to take the boys to the park and play. We had a blast!

Two monkeys in a cage!

Picture courtesy of Jared!

Blonde Moment!!

O.k so I got ambitious and decided to go to Ross and Best Buy. I parked in the middle of the two stores and walked to Ross and then over to Best Buy. When I was done we walked back to the car. As we approached the car I thought to myself it sounds like the car is on. Pushing the thought from my mind I began rummaging through the diaper bag for my keys. Much to my dismay they were not in there. So I looked through the windshield and what do you know, there are the keys in the ignition with the car still on. It wasn't bad enough that I had locked the keys in the car, but I had left it on as well. I had to call Robbie and interrupt him in the middle of a meeting to bring me the spare keys. So while we waited I took some pictures to capture the moment!!

HeHe Silly Me!!