Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blonde Moment!!

O.k so I got ambitious and decided to go to Ross and Best Buy. I parked in the middle of the two stores and walked to Ross and then over to Best Buy. When I was done we walked back to the car. As we approached the car I thought to myself it sounds like the car is on. Pushing the thought from my mind I began rummaging through the diaper bag for my keys. Much to my dismay they were not in there. So I looked through the windshield and what do you know, there are the keys in the ignition with the car still on. It wasn't bad enough that I had locked the keys in the car, but I had left it on as well. I had to call Robbie and interrupt him in the middle of a meeting to bring me the spare keys. So while we waited I took some pictures to capture the moment!!

HeHe Silly Me!!


B. Surfer said...

hahaha - i did that too... only i was at the Cannery! hahah. But luckily i didn't lock it. Good thing Robbie is easy to reach!

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