Thursday, March 26, 2009

I knew it wouldn't be the last!!

This time it was for Jared! Our second trip to Urgent care. We were playing at the park with his cousin Jaxon and they were throwing rocks. Not at eachother, but they had hit eachother a couple of times. This one got Jared on the head and he came running over crying and holding his head. He moved his hand and it was covered in blood. So we took him and cleaned it up so we could get a better look at it. We decided to go to urgent care to make sure he didn't need stiches. The Dr. said he could staple it, but that it wouldn't heal up any better then just leaving it alone. So we put some medicine on it and went home. That night as we were putting him in bed, he didn't want to lay on his pillow and he says, "I get my pillow all bleeding" we were laughing so hard. So then he said, "Oh this side" and turned his head and layed on the opposite side. I knew we would have more trips to urgent care. Just glad he was o.k.


Jana said...

Hi Kelly! I saw your blog on Natalie Hatch's & blog stalked you! I miss ya! You're family is so cute! Boys are hilarious! We've had Tyson with a broken arm at 2 & crayon stuck in the nose at 3. Good luck!

The Porters said...

Poor little guy! I just know we will be making trips when jaxon gets older, he is already a dare devil! Hey I am changing my URL so if you would like to follow us just leave your email address on my page Hope you are doing well :)